4 Techniques to Make the Pandemic an Exercise in Personal Growth

Almost everything stopped and we all fell off the roller coaster that was our lives this year.

We didn’t ask for this, but now we get to peek behind the curtain and see ourselves more clearly (perhaps too clearly at times) without the rushing around and the usual distractions. As I’m sure you know, our children fell off too. 

We can no longer deny that we are fragile. 

But we are also resilient. 

We can help ourselves and in turn, because others around us are influenced by our moods and vibrations, help our kids, too.

Because of our recently imposed reality, we have an opportunity to pioneer our way to new insights, deeper connections, and positive changes. It’s uncomfortable to change, but right now is calling for just that. 

And let’s be real, are we really getting what we want from those old habits?

I’m not saying we need to totally revamp ourselves, but this is the perfect time to breathe deeply and see what is serving us and what is keeping us in the automatic unconscious habit loop. 

Here’s a few things you and your kids can think about right now to free up some creative space in your consciousness for more presence and more connection:

1. Take more notice when you feel less than peaceful.

In that moment of recognition, what did you just do? 

Were you:

  • Eating or drinking something? 
  • Watching something on TV? 
  • Talking about something? 
  • Thinking about something or someone? 
  • Doing an activity?

Becoming aware of the actions, thoughts, and words that make you feel uncomfortable is the first step in becoming more present and finding productive ways to relieve discomfort. Our bodies are giving us messages all the time. 

Be brave. Listen more. Feel more. Then figure out how to get to a better place. 

2. Use FLIP the Mood© to help you manage strong emotions. 

Those emotions are there whether you acknowledge them or not. If you don’t pay attention, the repressed emotions come out anyway in ways that can be unintentionally harmful or incongruous with who you want to be. 

3. Start a meditation practice

Try using Breathing Fingers© and Slow Breath Practice© to train your mind to have something else to do besides paying attention to your automatic thoughts. Start with 5 minutes a day. Then gradually increase to 20 minutes. 

Even though I’ve been meditating for almost a half century, some days are harder than others. But I keep on doing it because I see the results.

Every time you pay attention to your breathing rather than the thought that happens to be crossing your mind, you free yourself a little more from the programs that play out in our subconscious. At the same time you are building new areas of consciousness and creativity that allow you to grow and expand into a more peaceful, centered person.

4. Change a routine that isn’t serving you. 

Why? Because you’ll be shifting yourself into new patterns and you’ll feel like you accomplished something to make your life better. 

Is it hard? Hell, yes. At first. 

But after you substitute something in place of the old, you realize that you can do it. We can gently but firmly change one little thing and become more conscious, more present, and happier. 

Perhaps start with something simple like doing something at a different time or in a different way. Then move on to bigger and more challenging habits (you get to decide what’s not serving you). 

Take the opportunity to change and grow on purpose and your children will take notice. They already do. Why not give them the best of you? 

So, during this time when we are challenged anyway, take it on. Make it yours. Ascend. Let me know how it feels in the comments below.

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