4 Tips for Forming a SEL Group

Starting a social emotional learning group benefits the whole school community. They are the perfect delivery system to teach our students kindness and emotional wellness. And guess what? These qualities ripple throughout the school community. Caring is contagious! When planning a new SocialEyes Together group, we like to follow a tried and true format. Laying […]

Using Improv to Teach Kindness to Socially-Challenged Students

Socially-challenged or not, we are ALL wired to be selfish. Taking care of ourselves is how we’ve survived as a species. Taking care of each other is how we build community and enter heart-based living. Anybody can learn how to be kind. Improv is one way to teach this social emotional concept while having fun! […]

3 Fun Exercises to Help Kids Develop Their Imaginations

A child’s imagination is the door to all possibilities. Teaching our kiddos to connect their hearts to their future by using their imaginations can be a counter balance to all that creativity-sucking screen time they were born into. That may seem a bit dramatic, but for many, there hasn’t been a need to entertain themselves […]

Don’t Worry. Be Grateful.

It’s hard to be thankful on command. Yet, this time of year, we are inundated with reminders to do just that. “Thanks” is literally in the name of the holiday. And every year, like clockwork,Thanksgiving is thrust upon us at the end of November. And we are asked to give thanks. Sometimes on command as […]

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” – Oscar Wilde

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken. In order to be oneself, one has to take risks, to accept that one is not perfect and to be courageous enough to say what one really thinks” Oscar Wilde When our students were little, they had a fairly easy time being themselves. This probably was true up to […]

Mindful Daydreaming: Finding Your Happy Place

There’s a place between awake and sleep. It’s a bit dreamy, yet the laws of nature still apply. There’s a weighted presence that anchors you like the ballast on a ship as your body begins to surrender, yet you’re still lucid enough to shape a vision. We daydream all the time. It’s often what we […]

Entering Genius Territory: Improv as the Door to Belonging

There are no mistakes in improv. Yippee! Hooray! We are all geniuses. At least in improv, we’re geniuses when we’re on stage. This is not a suggestion. It’s a rule. Anything you or your partner says must be accepted and responded to with a “Yes, and…” Agreeing to whatever is said and adding on to […]

Failure as Fertilizer: A Practical Way to Approach Failure

It’s undeniable. Failure feels like sh#&. But it’s the perfect fertilizer for our growth. We feel what we feel. And failing, especially when there’s a lot invested, can bring us to our knees. We’ve all been there in one way or another. The work situation that didn’t work. The relationship that we gave our hearts […]

Slow Breath Practice©

We all have a built-in guidance system that helps us navigate through the choppy waters and high winds that life often serves up. So do our students. Most of the time we respond to the obstacles that invade our day with habitual thinking or knee jerk reactions, and ignore our inner wisdom. So do our […]