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How an “All or Nothing” Attitude Brings You Down and What To Do About it

After an especially trying SocialEyes Together® SEL group, discouraged by our students’ insufficient progress, I dumped my frustration on my co-leader, Jean. Emily had spent 45 minutes intermittently spewing negativity like a surprise hailstorm and Reggie was a master at that stealth distraction executed below adult radar detection that is the bane of every teacher’s […]

Failure as Fertilizer: A Practical Way to Approach Failure

It’s undeniable. Failure feels like sh#&. But it’s the perfect fertilizer for our growth. We feel what we feel. And failing, especially when there’s a lot invested, can bring us to our knees. We’ve all been there in one way or another. The work situation that didn’t work. The relationship that we gave our hearts […]

4 Keys to Connecting with an Autistic Person

Some people are easy to get to know. After brief chit-chat you have a pretty good idea of who they are, common interests, and where they register on your potential friend meter. Other times, someone may seem a little “off” or “odd”. It seems your new acquaintance isn’t making eye contact or absorbing what you’re […]