Category: Mindfulness

How to Navigate Disappointment

So much is not happening right now! Events that were coming soon have been released into an unknown future and some are gone forever. It’s the stuff of great disappointment. We are collectively mourning. And that’s the way it is. For now. It will pass. But until it does pass, here’s what we can do […]

How to Use Improv to Teach Students Mindfulness

Want your students to be more mindful and present? Try some improv! The brain is very efficient. Our students learn to pay attention to what’s necessary. They notice the steps ahead, the moving cars in the parking lot, the people in their way. They learn the patterns and the important signals that the people around […]

How to Teach Students Empathy

Empathy can be taught. The opportunity to imagine what life is like for someone facing difficult challenges, activates the compassion response. By conjuring up the image of someone your students already care about and basking in the feeling of that glow, your students can then be encouraged to share that sentiment with people who are […]

3 Tips to Help Students Use Their Imaginations

Imagination is your bridge to the unseen, the unknown, the infinite possibilities in the field of dreams. Through our imagination we conjure up future scenarios (intentions/goals/desires), make meaning out of our current situation (drawing from prior knowledge), re-vision our past (review/analyze/adjust), and picture ourselves in other’s shoes (empathy). Wow! We can help our students to […]

Breathing Fingers: A Mindfulness Exercise for Students

Being a teacher is tough. You bring together 10, 20, sometimes 30 humans into a classroom and are expected to teach them valuable lessons and watch out for them. What makes this especially tricky is that each of these human beings each come with their own personalities, their own abilities, their own stories and experiences, […]

Don’t Worry. Be Grateful.

It’s hard to be thankful on command. Yet, this time of year, we are inundated with reminders to do just that. “Thanks” is literally in the name of the holiday. And every year, like clockwork,Thanksgiving is thrust upon us at the end of November. And we are asked to give thanks. Sometimes on command as […]

Mindful Daydreaming: Finding Your Happy Place

There’s a place between awake and sleep. It’s a bit dreamy, yet the laws of nature still apply. There’s a weighted presence that anchors you like the ballast on a ship as your body begins to surrender, yet you’re still lucid enough to shape a vision. We daydream all the time. It’s often what we […]

Slow Breath Practice©

We all have a built-in guidance system that helps us navigate through the choppy waters and high winds that life often serves up. So do our students. Most of the time we respond to the obstacles that invade our day with habitual thinking or knee jerk reactions, and ignore our inner wisdom. So do our […]