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When Virtual Teaching is Challenging

Virtual teaching is new to most teachers. It’s a challenge to learn another delivery system to educate our students. For me, it’s required logistical and emotional adjustments as I transitioned from in school groups to leading the SocialEyes Together® SEL groups via video on Google Meet. It wasn’t easy. Still isn’t easy. And it’s far […]

The Magic of Conversation Circles

Circles promote belonging. They have no beginning and no end. Everyone is visible. No one has their back to you. Everyone can be seen. You belong to the circle community. You can voice your truth or be silent. Being seen and belonging to the group are the two things our students really want. So how […]

4 Tips for Forming a SEL Group

Starting a social emotional learning group benefits the whole school community. They are the perfect delivery system to teach our students kindness and emotional wellness. And guess what? These qualities ripple throughout the school community. Caring is contagious! When planning a new SocialEyes Together group, we like to follow a tried and true format. Laying […]