What is the SocialEyes Together® program?

SocialEyes Together is a classroom-tested, innovative, researched-based program blending mindfulness, cognitive awareness, and applied improvisation exercises. These three foundations of the program provide opportunities for students to connect to others playfully and on purpose as they become more self aware and present. They learn to cultivate the productive thoughts that advance their goals and dreams leading the way to increased confidence and empathy.

                                  Social Improv provides a platform to experience successful relationships.

                                                            Mindfulness opens the heart.

                                              Cognitive Awareness (SEL focus tips) expands the mind.                     


Who benefits from this program?

The SocialEyes Together® program was initially developed to help socially challenged students with high functioning autism use their thoughts, mindfulness, and improv theater to transform their lives and become compassionate, self-aware humans. The design expanded and is now applicable for Tier 2 interventions, social skills groups, and general classroom use. 


 Why do we need Social Emotional Learning (SEL)?

The goal of Social Emotional Learning, known as SEL, is for students to become self and socially aware, learn self-management strategies, improve their relationship skills, and be able to make responsible decisions. They need to be equipped to handle the challenges facing them from social media immersion to stealthy forms of bullying. Whether it’s the child who seems to be handling day to day pressures, the marginalized, the over-social, the bully or the victim, we need to teach students to focus, be kind to one another, and manage their impulses. Compassionate relating can be cultivated through social emotional learning and the benefits ripple out from students and teachers to the greater community.

“The SocialEyes Together Program increases understanding of social emotional learning and begins by educating everyone in our community.”

Nereida Medina M.Ed., Staff Therapist
Sandy Hook, CT Youth and Family Servi