Ignite the power of belonging with your students!

SocialEyes Together® makes it easy for teachers, group leaders, and other educational professionals to deliver Social Emotional Learning to students in unique, interactive, and practical ways that keep students engaged whether in person or online

SocialEyes Together offers interactive, dynamic, easily implementable SEL (Social Emotional Learning) lesson plans with tools and techniques for you to use right away in a small group or in your classroom. 

The program features research-based, classroom-tested components including applied social improvisation activities, mindfulness scripts and exercises, and cognitive awareness lessons.

With these tools, teachers can lead SEL lessons with ease and clarity.

It is designed with detailed instructions, scripts for the leader of the group, and provides alternatives for more elementary and advanced versions of some of the therapeutic activities and exercises. 

Benefits include:

Social Skills

Students acquire essential social skills that build healthy relationships by engaging in thoughtful, mindful, and enjoyable activities. Students learn to be flexible, attentive to others, resilient, emotionally aware, self-regulated, and kind, for starters!

Empathy and Heart-Based Living

Students experience empathy and heart-based living. They embrace making mistakes as part of life and critical to learning. In doing so, they become kinder to themselves and to others in their group or classroom.


Students become mindful and present. The activities and exercises require heightened focus as participants Think, Act, Listen, and Look on Purpose.

Caring and Creative Classrooms

Classrooms and groups become caring, creative environments where everyone belongs. New experiences lead them into uncharted territory where they connect and bond.

Goals and Objectives Aligned with CASEL Competencies 

Included are SEL objectives for each of the five CASEL competencies for ease of use in IEP development and other data record keeping. 

Organized and Easy-to-Use

The activities are organized under specific objectives. You can choose the ones that address the desired skill. For example, if you’re trying to have your students improve flexibility, you can select the activities, exercises, tools, and techniques that fall under that heading and easily create your targeted lesson plan.

Most importantly, students love the program! They engage in well-crafted activities and exercises that they enjoy while they are learning. Who doesn’t want more of that?

“SocialEyes Together is an absolute treasure for every educator… In the midst of such a busy and intense time for educators, this accessible, well-organized book is exactly what is needed to help transform students’ lives.”

Carrie Caudle M.A. Teacher, Grades K/1, Mary Collins School, Petaluma CA
Artistic Director, RagTag Improv

Social Emotional Learning is more than an isolated lesson on skills, attitudes, and knowledge.

In order to ensure the wellbeing of students, staff and community, SEL must sit within a greater restorative, trauma-informed, culturally, and racially sensitive school climate. It must also find ways to meaningfully and practically support school staff and students.

SocialEyes Together supports teachers to:

  • Become energized, renewed, and remotivated to lead students
  • Trust that they are providing effective emotional and social support for students
  • Finish each day with a sense that they have made a difference

The implementation of SEL programming is an ongoing process that can be embedded into the school day or taught in ongoing group and classroom lessons. 

  • Source material for both in-person and online Social Emotional Learning
  • Students with tools for adapting to change
  • SEL Goals and objectives for crafting IEPs and other data record keeping
  • Easy implementation for teachers by providing scripted, well organized exercises, activities, techniques, and tools
  • A program aligned with the five CASEL SEL competencies: self-awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills, and good decision making

SocialEyes Together expands and ignites the power of belonging for our kids—our future leaders—today

About the Author

Robin Fox, M.Ed., author, special educator, lifelong meditation practitioner, and professional improvisation actor has taught, led professional development workshops, and consulted for over 40 years in public and private schools.

She earned a B.A. in Psychology, a Master’s in Education, and a 6th year in Broadcast Media and Writing. She is passionate about helping adults and students alike become resilient and empowered humans using the transformational tools she has experienced, taught to students, and codified in this curriculum.

Robin conducts SEL professional development for school systems and leads SEL groups for Old Saybrook, CT Public Schools and for local agencies. She is a current member of the Connecticut Social and Emotional Learning Collaborative. Robin recently revised and added onto the CT Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity & Opportunity’s Building Kindness and Empathy Online Activity Guide for Middle and High School Students. Robin lives on the Connecticut shoreline with her partner.

“SocialEyes Together is a practical and beautiful book that is well organized, explains the theories behind the activities, and gives you easy-to-follow instructions to create powerful transformations. Pick up Social Eyes Together and start using it right away. Then buy copies for all your colleagues.”

Caitlin McClure, Senior Consultant at Impact International

“Social competencies are an important life skill linked to increasing outcomes in adulthood for many students including those on the autism spectrum. Yet, these nuanced skills can be the most challenging to acquire.

“Robin’s SocialEyes Together curriculum, using improvisation, mindfulness, and cognitive awareness, provides the key to unlocking the ability for students to learn these complex skills. The Social Eye’s curriculum is born out of Robin’s undeniable passion which exudes from each and every page.”

Julie Swanson, The Life Skills Lady

If you are ready to deliver Social Emotional Learning in a unique, interactive, and practical way, this curriculum is for you!