A 10 week program exploring innovative ways to incorporate research-based, classroom-tested SEL with clarity and ease

SEL Illuminated provides the philosophy, tools, and materials to effectively lead a SEL group or classroom whether in person or online. Participants learn to deliver engaging, dynamic, lessons, and are guided weekly for ten weeks to ensure that they have the knowledge and techniques to successfully implement the SocialEyes Together program.

Who should participate:

Classroom teachers, school counselors, special education teachers, speech  pathologists, school psychologists, social workers, related service providers, and private practice clinicians will benefit from this in-depth, interactive program as they learn to guide their students and clients to deeper self awareness, effective self management, and more satisfying relationships.

“I was able to incorporate hands-on strategies with my students to help them develop coping strategies, mindfulness exercises and better listening skills.

“After each weekly Social Eyes session [I led with my students], I asked students to reflect on their feelings and emotions again.

“In almost every survey, students indicated that their emotions were generally more relaxed, happy and more connected with their peers after our weekly group sessions.

“Overall, students felt more connected and that improved their engagement in their learning. This translated into better academic success during a time when the school district anticipated some challenges.

“Despite the challenges with instruction and stressors with health, our students improved! Our focus on student SEL paid off!”

– Jennifer Roberts, Special Education Teacher

How to implement SEL:

The SocialEyes Together program can be effectively used in classrooms, advisory sessions, or in small groups to address IEP goals and objectives. Teachers will have the tools at hand to help students improve their ability to manage emotions and behaviors and become more focused, compassionate, and resilient.

How it works:

  • 15 hours of training on Zoom:
    • 1.5 hours a week for 10 weeks 
    • Start date: Stay Tuned!
  • An SEL Illuminated certificate will be awarded at the completion of the program to document your training and competency to lead SEL groups.
  • Although it’s not a requirement, participants are strongly encouraged to form a SocialEyes Together group of students or to begin implementing the program in their classrooms as soon as possible in order to take advantage of the weekly meeting guidance and troubleshooting advice. The training will also provide opportunities for participants to lead SEL exercises right within our group.


When you enroll into SEL Illuminated, you’ll receive a physical copy of SocialEyes Together® (value $77), a complete curriculum you can use to lead exercises and activities with your students!

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Session 1: Put On Your Oxygen Mask First: From Trauma To Transformation

We explore how the pandemic, social and political fragility, and school challenges have affected both teachers and students and how we can guide others from trauma to transformation.

  • This isn’t a drill and self care isn’t optional
  • Habits and transformation
  • SEL overview: Everyone belongs
  • The importance of Mindfulness, Cognitive Awareness, Applied Improv
  • Setting up for success-your presence is key

Session 2: SEL Practical Procedures and Practices

The second session covers procedures and practices to set up a group or classroom, tech exploration, and insights about turning disappointment into renewal.

  • Transformational work that can guide us through transformational times: Disappointment as redirection
  • Agreements, intentions
  • Zoom/Google Meets: Tech Exploration and Maximation

Session 3: Journey to the Root: Mindfulness

Get comfortable looking within for guidance (to help our students do the same) as we learn mindfulness techniques, practical exercises, and get familiar with guided meditations.

  • Our internal GPS system
  • Mindfulness and guided meditation scripts
  • Mindful prompts and gestures
  • Slow Breath Practice
  • Breathing Fingers

Session 4: Getting Our S#!T Together: Cognitive Awareness

We’ll dive into ways to regulate emotions, build resilience, and guide our students to increased self esteem. We will learn to recognize cognitive distortions and ways to counter them.

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Cognitive Awareness
  • Emotions
  • FLIP the Mood
  • Stand Tall

Session 5: Lighten Up: Applied Improv

We will engage in practical experiences that highlight the effectiveness of applied improv as a delivery system for Social Emotional Learning.

  • The amazing advantages of applied improv
  • Learning through experience
  • Six types of play: learning styles connection
  • Rules of improv

Session 6: Relationship Skills: Practical Application and Practice

We will review and practice activities that foster recognizing the tenants of healthy, mutually satisfying relationships and the ability to relate to people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We’ll practice exercises that support relationship building including listening on purpose, looking on purpose, and reciprocal conversation strategies.

Session 7: Self Awareness: Practical Application and Practice

We’ll cover activities to become more familiar with individual thoughts, beliefs, and emotional states and how each of these directly impact behaviors and responses.

Session 8: Self Management: Practical Application and Practice

Learn simple, effective ways of regulating behaviors, actions, and emotions when faced with different demands and social pressures.

Session 9: Social Awareness and Responsible Decision-Making: Practical Application and Practice

This session covers understanding and empathizing with others’ perspectives. This includes having a respectful regard and appreciation for others no matter how different they may be. 

Activities to help students make good choices when interacting socially will be introduced. Using these activities, students will be able to make informed decisions and assessments about other people’s behaviors and can resist adverse social pressure.

Session 10: Wrap it Up!

The last session reviews highlights of SEL concepts and theories, gives participants an opportunity to create a vision for implementing the work we explored together, and culminates in inspiring activities that deepen the SEL experience. 

Participants will have the opportunity to process and analyze what they’ve learned and get support with their next steps. 

About Robin

Robin Fox M.Ed., an award-winning, CT certified educator, lifelong meditator, and professional improv actor, has worked in private and public schools, K-12, as a special educator, professional trainer, and consultant for over forty years. Her SEL program, SocialEyes Together®, transforms children’s lives to walk forward into their future with self-confidence, compassion, and resilience. Robin is a member of the Connecticut Social and Emotional Collaborative and has recently revised and added on to the CT Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity & Opportunity’s Building Kindness and Empathy Online Activity Guide for Middle and High School Students.

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