SEL Now!


SEL Now!

Explore unconventional ways to incorporate SEL into your school day

Wednesday, March 10 • 4-5pm EST

During this interactive workshop, we will...

Examine simple methods to manage complex emotions in the classroom and beyond

Learn engaging therapeutic activities that guide students to become more self-aware

Discover empowering ways to strengthen relationships.

Are you ready to harness the power of SEL to uplevel your school year?

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Hi there! I’m Robin Fox.

My passion is to provide opportunities for students to connect to others playfully and on purpose as they become more self-aware and present. My intention is for them to learn to cultivate the productive thoughts and habits that advance their goals and dreams leading the way to increased confidence and empathy.

Over the course of 40 years as an educator, I discovered the key to unlocking the true power of SEL by combining applied improv, cognitive awareness, and mindfulness. Using this knowledge and experience, I created SocialEyes Together®, a curriculum for teachers and educational professionals to implement transformational Social Emotional Learning with ease and clarity.

Let’s join together to create school environments where everyone knows they belong!


Robin Fox, M.Ed.

Author of the SocialEyes Together® SEL curriculum


Per Rasmussen, B.Sc.E.E

Per Rasmussen founded the Danish training house “Improviser”. Since 2015 Improviser has been a pioneer in Denmark in applying the principles of Applied Improvisation to develop soft skills, team training, personal development, and leadership training. In 2018 Improviser started working with gifted and challenged children at their summer camps in Denmark.

Per Rasmussen, a certified Systemic Coach holds a degree in Data Engineering from The University of Southern Denmark and is a former Captain in the Danish Defense. For more than 30 years, Per has worked in the areas of people management, motivation, and interpersonal collaboration. Per teaches with passion and involvement while facilitating interactive sessions that empower participants to walk away with tangible, transformational skills.