When Virtual Teaching is Challenging

Virtual teaching is new to most teachers. It’s a challenge to learn another delivery system to educate our students.

For me, it’s required logistical and emotional adjustments as I transitioned from in school groups to leading the SocialEyes Together® SEL groups via video on Google Meet.

It wasn’t easy. Still isn’t easy. And it’s far from perfect.

During our last group meeting, we had a lot of tech issues. Once we resolved them, we had the best time with our seventh graders. I loved seeing them in their homes. I felt like we got closer than ever today.

I don’t have to tell you that our students need us right now. Not only do they need the education, but they sorely need a sense of normalcy and familiarity that we, as their teachers, can foster.

If you are feeling discomfort and resistance, know that you are not alone. Feel your feelings, honor them, embrace them.

And then get your courage up, bring your fear with you, and just do it. Expect it to be imperfect, and move forward. That’s what I’ll be doing. I can’t wait for my next online group.

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