Ignite the power of belonging with your students!

SocialEyes Together® makes it easy for teachers to deliver Social-Emotional lessons to students in unique, interactive, and practical ways that keep students engaged whether in person or online.

Creating innovative ways for educational professionals to embed social emotional learning into their daily routines easily and joyfully.

SocialEyes is a trauma-informed, content-creating, consulting, and training organization.

We offer small and large group workshops for regular and special education teachers, social workers, school counselors, psychologists, speech pathologists, and administrators to learn experiential strategies that help students improve relationships skills, social awareness, self awareness, emotional regulation, anxiety, and responsible decision making. 

Trauma Aware Teaching

Understanding the impact of trauma on both students and teachers is the first step in creating compassionate, productive classrooms. Click here to learn more.


Our popular “Stressbusters” workshop teaches large and small groups of students (and teachers!) to manage difficult emotions, and disappointments. They are taught portable, therapeutic tools to comfort and soothe their hearts and minds. Experience empowering, fun exercises that move everyone toward belonging.

Explore The Different Ways SocialEyes Supports Students and Educational Professionals

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Why SocialEyes Together®

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Do your students struggle with…



Social Interactions

Working in Groups

Low self-esteem



Impulse Control

The solution is social emotional learning.

You may have read the research, but you don’t know where to turn. We have over 40 years of experience working with children like yours and would love to bring your child or students into our community. We provide the program blending applied improv, mindfulness, and cognitive awareness. You provide the kids.

Perfect for both classroom and small group work.

“The lessons provided are engaging, meaningful, and crucial for our students’ social emotional learning.”

– Kathy Bai, Coordinator, Pupil Services, Old Saybrook Public Schools

“A pre-designed social emotional curriculum helps teachers so they don’t have to create everything from scratch. I liked the exercises, the format, and the message.”

– Michele O’Neill, Educational Issues Specialist for the Connecticut Education Association