Paving a path to belonging through applied social improv, mindfulness, and cognitive awareness.

SocialEyes is dedicated to providing effective, classroom tested, enjoyable materials, lessons, tools, and techniques that transform your group or classroom into an environment where everyone knows they belong.

Why SocialEyes Together®?

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Does your child or student struggle with…



Social Interactions

Working in Groups

Low self-esteem



Impulse Control

The solution is social emotional learning.

You may have read the research, but you don’t know where to turn. We have over 40 years of experience working with children like yours and would love to bring your child or students into our community. We provide the program blending applied improv, mindfulness, and cognitive awareness. You provide the kids.

Perfect for both classroom and small group work.

Connecting Kids on Purpose
Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

“The lessons provided are engaging, meaningful, and crucial for our students’ social emotional learning.”

– Kathy Bai, Coordinator, Pupil Services, Old Saybrook Public Schools

“A pre-designed social emotional curriculum helps teachers so they don’t have to create everything from scratch. I liked the games, the actors and the message. “

– Michele O’Neill, Educational Issues Specialist for the Connecticut Education Association