About SocialEyes Together

SocialEyes Together, the signature program of Social Eyes, is dynamic, interactive, and designed to serve all students including those with social challenges.

It delivers a therapeutic Social Emotional Learning curriculum for small groups or classrooms with playful applied improv exercises, calming mindfulness minutes, and game-changing cognitive awareness focus tools.

The Inspiration for SocialEyes Together

After 30 years of teaching children with disabilities, I had a breakthrough that changed my life—and forever shifted my understanding of therapeutic techniques. This revelation began a new journey, one of deeper connections, essential communication, and the liberation of success. I found my true calling that day, and this program is the result—a blueprint of a different approach, weaving everything I’ve learned into a delivery system that works!

One of my classes consisted of a group of high school students with social challenges, many on the autistic spectrum. In spite of my best efforts, they were not eager to improve their relationship skills. I couldn’t figure out how to hook them—and tomorrow I had to do it all over again.

That fateful next morning, I veered off track to introduce an improv game called “Clap it Out”. To play, the first player had to turn to the person on her right and clap with him at the same time making only one sound. That person “passed the clap” on to the person to his right and so on. After we went a few rounds, my students surprised me by asking to play another game. Play more? What was happening? My “I don’t like group.” students were asking for more? That’s when I realized that improv games teach the curriculum I was charged with delivering and it was EXPERIENTIAL and FUN!

After they played a game (direct experience), we analyzed what made it enjoyable (cognitive awareness), how the games connected us in the moment (being in sync), and how we could use these skills in our lives  (generalizing/application).

I’ve been using this program in schools and in private groups since 2012 with phenomenal results. I am passionate about helping children and teens become joyful, thoughtful, and compassionate people.

About Robin Fox

• Social Cognitive Educator
• CT Certified Regular and Special Educator
• B.A. Psychology, Clark University
• M.Ed. Lesley University
• Graduate Studies Program, Writing, Wesleyan University
• 6th Year Graduate, Broadcast Media, Middlesex College
• Social Thinking™ Clinical Training with Michelle Garcia Winner
• Former Special Education Teacher, Regional School District 13
• Founding member, Comedy on Demand Improv Troupe 
• Meditator since 1972
• Social Emotional Learning Specialist, Old Saybrook, CT Schools
• Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant

 “The SocialEyes Together SEL program is an integral part of The Light House Summer Friends’ program. Through mindfulness, improvisation exercises and games, students on the autism spectrum learn to pay attention to what is happening in the moment and how to interact with others. Appropriate social interaction is needed in every facet of a student’s life and SocialEyes Together gives them a necessary foundation for their future. This is a program all schools should incorporate, because it works.”      Kathy Greene, Founder of The Light House, Niantic, CT