Virtual Social Emotional Learning Professional Development Workshops

Social Emotional Learning is more than an isolated lesson on skills, attitudes and knowledge essential for wellbeing. SEL is a path to belonging. The implementation of SEL programming is an ongoing process that can be embedded into the school day or taught in group and classroom lessons.

In this workshop series, participants are strategically guided to connect in both small and large groups to explore experiences that support the underpinnings of a healthy school climate.

The activities, techniques, and exercises participants learn can be easily introduced to begin the SEL journey or incorporated into an existing SEL repertoire.

How It Works

There are six workshop modules to choose from based on the CASEL competencies (see “Topics” below.)

We encourage your group to experience all six modules to have a well-rounded and up-to-date understanding of Social Emotional Learning.

The recommended group size is 50 participants or less.


The six SocialEyes SEL workshop modules are each 1.5 hour long interactive opportunities for consciousness-raising as facilitators and participants experience  a journey through the five CASEL competencies and learn ways to reduce stress through activities and direct experiences. The timeframe of delivery for the complete series of six workshops will be determined collaboratively between the facilitators and districts.


All modules include a mindfulness component to help participants practice quieting their thoughts and observing them without judgement. Innovative mindfulness tools will be introduced that assist in cultivating a calmer, more self-regulated, empathetic, and productive approach to work and life. The efficacy of mindfulness is well researched and documented.


The facilitators utilize the Zoom platform to allow for small group, interactive breakout rooms, use of the chat, whiteboard, and renaming features. (Districts requiring other platforms can contact facilitators to discuss alternate plans.)


The five primary workshop modules are: Relationship Skills, Self-awareness, Self-management, Social awareness, and Responsible decision-making.

We also offer a workshop called Stressbusters packed with tools, techniques and strategies to regulate emotions, calm the nervous system, and help teachers guide students to acceptance, equilibrium, and hope.

In addition to being a professional development workshop, our facilitators also deliver Stressbusters directly to small and large student groups. Stressbusters is a popular choice for our parent groups. 

We hand tailor each workshop to the needs of the group and provide a follow up handout with the exercises, techniques, and resouces.

We have witnessed the transformative power of SEL for both students and professionals over our combined 60 years of experience in the education system. Compassionate relating can be cultivated through social emotional learning and the benefits ripple out from students and teachers to the greater community.

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About the Facilitators

Robin Fox

Robin Fox M.Ed., CT certified educator, lifelong meditator, and professional improv actor, has worked in private and public schools, K-12, as a special educator, professional trainer, and consultant for over forty years. Her SEL program, SocialEyes Together®, transforms children’s (and teachers’) lives to walk forward into their future with self-confidence, compassion, and resilience. Robin is a member of the Connecticut Social and Emotional Collaborative and has recently revised and added on to the CT Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity & Opportunity’s Building Kindness and Empathy Online Activity Guide for Middle and High School Students.

Eileen Melody

Eileen Melody, a practicing certified public school counselor, earned her Masters in Social Work from the University of Connecticut and Masters in Educational Administration from Purdue University. Most recently, Mrs. Melody has served as the Chairman of the Board of the Connecticut School Counselor Association. She is a legislatively appointed member of the Connecticut Social and Emotional Collaborative. Throughout her career at the high school and middle levels, she has advocated for and supported the needs of all students and families while fostering meaningful connections with them and her colleagues.