When Virtual Teaching is Challenging

Virtual teaching is new to most teachers. It’s a challenge to learn another delivery system to educate our students. For me, it’s required logistical and emotional adjustments as I transitioned from in school groups to leading the SocialEyes Together® SEL groups via video on Google Meet. It wasn’t easy. Still isn’t easy. And it’s far […]

Helping Students Turn Negative Thinking into Positive Thinking

During a SocialEyes Together®SEL group recently, our third and fourth graders responded in a way that was not surprising. We asked them to think about this situation:⁣ “You’re late for recess because you had to finish some work. Some kids in your class are playing your favorite game. You ask if you can join them. […]

How a Disruptive Student Transformed into an Eager Participant

One of our 3rd graders, an animated, petite, dimpled boy named Nate (not his real name) had been physically restrained almost daily in his former public school. Nate is a disrupter. His file reads like a menu from the DSM-5. You can almost see his mind churning with turbulence as he moves throughout his day. […]

Teaching Students How to Embrace Their Uniqueness

When our students were little, they had a fairly easy time being themselves. By late elementary school, groups started to form such as the popular kids, the athletic kids, the kids who sat alone, the rich kids, the bullies, the smart kids, etc, and they wondered, where did they fit in? Some of them started […]

How to Navigate Disappointment

So much is not happening right now! Events that were coming soon have been released into an unknown future and some are gone forever. It’s the stuff of great disappointment. We are collectively mourning. And that’s the way it is. For now. It will pass. But until it does pass, here’s what we can do […]

From Awfulizing to Imperfectly Awesome

Many of our students react to uncomfortable situations by turning them into catastrophes. It’s easy for teachers to dismiss this as drama on their part.  In a way, it is. And it also isn’t.  It’s a “socially acceptable” pattern they’ve adopted to avoid uncomfortable feelings.  Their story expands and gathers momentum as it’s shared with […]

How to Use Improv to Teach Students Mindfulness

Want your students to be more mindful and present? Try some improv! The brain is very efficient. Our students learn to pay attention to what’s necessary. They notice the steps ahead, the moving cars in the parking lot, the people in their way. They learn the patterns and the important signals that the people around […]